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Despite the obvious geographical isolation and the modest way of life, Portugal is a country of contrasts that can be pleasantly and easily discovered. Portugal is a marvel unknown, a land full of nuances and opportunities to explore.
Paved neighborhoods and monasteries, fish and wine, castles and picturesque villages, rural life and tourist services inside the coast, Portugal is a mixture of extremes that are revealed from north to south and from east to west. Discovering Portugal implies venturing into some of these remarkable differences.

The vigorous activity that concentrates the capital Lisbon is only part of the wealth that Portugal possesses. Among tales of sailors and relaxing rural lives, Portugal offers a considerable range of proposals, experiences and attractions.

Portugal is not only Lisbon. In Portugal the visitor can find a seafaring country that lives and looks the coast. A country of first class tourist services concentrated in the south and a rural interior. Lisbon, Madeira, Alentejo, Nazare, Porto, Faro, Vilar de Mouros or Sintra, the list is not trivial; each of them caters to the different views and proposals that can be found in Portugal.

It is in the luxury hotels in Portugal from where to initiate some of the most enjoyable experiences that can be performed in Portugal. Enjoy exclusive luxury hotels in Portugal with the proposals that Eurostars has to offer.

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