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The relationship between Italy, beauty and the esthetic values constitutes an essential part of this country. Italy is the paradise for mankind and it is capable of transmitting this with a single gesture: the pleasure of living.

Italy will always guarantee strong emotions. The esthetic collapse of the roman ruins, the perfectly proportioned shapes of the renaissance buildings, the most rational art of its museums, the excesses of the baroque palaces or the never-ending flow of water of its fountains, all encouraging to contemplate ecstatic the beauty that only Italy can provide.

Strolling down many of the Italian cities is a therapy by itself. The beauty of the catholic magnificence overwhelms without prejudice, appealing to the best that inhabits in the human soul. The visitor that has been in Rome, Venice, Luzzi, Siena or Sicily, will never cease to remember the emotions developed. Going back to Italy is imperative:  Italia non basta una vita to be lived.

The artistic work is not enough to define Italy. Italy is a very human country, the most mortal of them all. Indulging in the dolce vita in the Trevi Fountain, or in a quite tranquility of a sunrise, is a small invite to discover the leisure side of life.

It is in the luxury hotels in Italy where to begin stays that are lived every minute. Enjoy in exclusive luxury hotels in Italy with one of the proposals Eurostars Hotels has to offer.

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