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Currently Paris lives between extremes: immerse in the miscegenation brought by immigrants from the colonies and the always present Parisian bourgeoisie, or the charm of those districts that remain intact and the speculative pressures of the demolitions, or the most hospitable neighborhoods to the insecure like banlieue…Like if it was a metaphor, Paris can´t avoid its jacobine character and the grandeur reflected in its extremes.

The visitor perceives part of that grandeur in its singular atmosphere. Paris is the perfect city, especially when visiting while in love. Although this is true for most cities, it is even more for Paris. That feeling of being in love, as exceptional as magnificent, becomes more evident when visiting Paris in the company of the loved one. In Paris you will find corners where to develop that unique feeling.

In Paris, the visitor does not observe the dynamism and energy that other younger cities irradiate as the main aspect of their proposals, but in Paris the weight of history, of magnificence, of greatness is always present. Paris is the living story of the continental Europe and perhaps the most beautiful city in the world.

It is in Paris from where to approach the greatness that resides in France. Enjoy in exclusive luxury hotels in Paris from all the attractiveness and charm Paris possess from one of the proposals Eurostars Hotels have to offer.

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Rue des Messageries, 9 , Paris
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