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Ballroom Dancing Season
The classical Vienna is a palpable reality throughout the year. Vienna celebrates a season of ballroom dancing that has more than 300 performances a year in which to enjoy the best orchestras, operas, masquerades and ballroom dancing.

The Viennese season of dancing brings close the reality of music to all of its participants with varied proposals and representations. Virtually every day it is possible to attend a performance in Vienna, weather is in the Opera Ball, the Vienna Philharmonic or the dance of the Coffee Growers, among the most popular performances.
Citybike Vienna by bicycle
Want to know Vienna by bicycle? Citybike is a public bike rental system that allows touring the streets of the city of Vienna by bicycle. Besides the shops that rent the bicycles, Vienna has 54 Citybike stations dotted across the city where you borrow and park the bicycles.

Citybike allows scrolling through Vienna in a simple, ecologically and economic way. You only need to follow some basic instructions that the pylons in each station offer to facilitate and encourage cycling. The streets of Vienna await with Citybike.
Spanish Riding School of Vienna
Contemplating a display of dressage horses in the Spanish Riding School allows entering the royal heart of Vienna. The representations of the trained riders to the beautiful horses of the School are conducted with the famous Lipizzan ballet, creating a truly memorable experience between rider and horse.

The unique décor of the riding school, the work of Joseph Emanuel Fischer von Erlach, rivals the beauty of art equestrian horses. The school is located in the Hofburg Imperial Palace, a baroque wonder that also should be examined by the traveler.
Hiking along the Danube
Only 75 minutes by boat separate Vienna from Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia. The Twin City Liner Company offers daily service with departures and arrivals that connects the two cities on the Danube River at a reasonable price.

The closeness between the two cities helps discover Bratislava and attractions like the Cathedral of Saint Martin or the Palace Primal on day trips. The Twin City Liner catamarans depart from the Schwedenplatz in the same old Viennese, and are comfortably equipped admitting even bicycles.
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