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Recoleta Cemetery
The Recoleta Cemetery is extraordinary. It departs from the somber or sad to be a visit of an evident artistic incentive.  The tombs of various heroes, politicians and other relevant characters are represented in mausoleums, statues and crypts of clear value.

The Recoleta Cemetery is inevitably associated with Evita Peron's grave, which lies between floods of people eager to take a photo with her remains in a pantheon austere in form, but great in value. Next to La Boca, Recoleta is perhaps the most unique architectural attraction of the city of Buenos Aires.

Hours: Recoleta cemetery closes at 18.00.
Price: Free admission
Colonia del Sacramento
Argentina and Uruguay share the Plate River as a natural border that divides them. From Buenos Aires it is possible to visit the nearby Colonia del Sacramento, a World Heritage City declared by UNESCO. Cologne's historic district is a postcard from which to enjoy the history and beauty of the colonial period that is still present in its streets and monuments.

The historic center of Cologne is exceptional, but has no life beyond the tourists and the spirit that use local craftsmen and restorers. Cologne provides access to the Uruguayan food, the famous local crafts and a beautiful colonial architecture that can be known in short trips of one or two days.

How to get there: The company Buquebus has daily routes between Buenos Aires and Colonia. The path between the two cities is just an hour.
Caminito and La Boca district
In the well-known Boca lies the even more famous Caminito and the surrounding streets that invite to reflection on the past and present of Argentina. If it is possible, take a break from the shopping and the restaurants and allow to be awed by this place so typical of Argentina.

The colorful windows, doors and ceilings that make a living nature takes over those who walk around Caminito and La Boca. In Caminito it is possible to eat with tango shows, take pictures of a thousand shapes and colors and walk through the remains of emigration. Beyond the Caminito is La Bombonera, the stadium of Boca Juniors, and the neighborhood of La Boca, which requires a visit as well.
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