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    Eurostars Ciudad De Cordoba

    Eurostars Eurostars Ciudad De Cordoba

    AVDA. DE CADIZ S/N  Córdoba  14013 Spain  

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    Eurostars Ciudad De Cordoba
    Eurostars Ciudad De Cordoba
    Eurostars Ciudad De Cordoba
    Eurostars Ciudad De Cordoba
    Eurostars Ciudad De Cordoba
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    Eurostars Ciudad De Cordoba

    We help you to draw up the best route for getting to the Hotel.
    Our location, close to the Guadalquivir river, gives us very direct access to the Andalusia motorway (A4), communicating the city with Madrid, Seville and Guadalajara and to the business parks in the south of the city (Torrecillas and Amargacena), as well as easy access to the trade fair complex. We also have a covered parking area. By car, we are just five minutes away from the historical and business centre of Cordova where we recommend you stroll through the alleyways of the Jewish Quarter (a World Heritage site), discover hidden corners like the Cuesta del Bailío or Calleja de la Hoguera, find new vistas of the Mezquita and you admire our great treasures, such as the Synagogue, the Arab baths, the Roman bridge, the Julio Romero de Torres Museum or the Calahorra Tower. Morevover, in May the Patios de Córdoba festivity takes place.
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